I first thought this amazing trick would do, but I can find no way of setting overlays relatively to one specific event: my dream:

% <:name:XXX> would mean "use overlay specification XXX and label
%             corresponding pause as `name`".
% <(name)XXX> would mean "use overlay specification XXX relatively 
%             to pause `name` and not to zero.
    \item              first   \visible<(anchor1).(1)->{fourth}        % one after anchor1
    \item              second  \visible<(anchor2)->{fifth}             % exactly anchor2
    \item<:anchor1:+-> third   \visible<(anchor1)+->{fourth}           % one more after anchor1
    \item              fourth  \visible<(anchor1)+->{fifth}            % one more after anchor1
    \item<:anchor2:+-> fifth   \visible<(anchor2)+->{sixth}            % one more after anchor2
    \item              sixth   \visible<:anchor3:(anchor2)+->{seventh} % one more after anchor2, label this `anchor3`
    \item              seventh \visible<(anchor3)+->{eighth}           % one more after anchor3

Does this somehow already exists?
How hard would it be to implement?
How many times would it require the document to be compiled until stabilization?

Obviously, responsibility for non-looping specifications would be left to user.

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