I'd like to change the highlighting color of the matching parenthesis (and later braces and brackets) in WinEdt v10.2. Here is a snapshot of the highlighted parenthesis in default theme:

enter image description here

I tried changing the parameter fscParenthesis defined in Colors.ini, but it did't work.

I appreciate any help.

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The colors which need to be modified are sclDelimiterCurrentBk and sclDelimiterMatchBk in Colors.ini (inside COLOR_SCHEME="Default Windows and Text Colors" unless you are using a Windows HC scheme).

In fact these are colors related to "selections" as you can see in Selections.ini (Options Interface -> Highlighting -> Selections):

SELECTION_MODE="Current Delimiter (4)"

SELECTION_MODE="Matching Delimiter (5)"

The BACKGROUND_COLOR is the property which you want to modify :-)


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