I made a custom latex beamer theme with my University's logo and title on header (top right) and sections (top left). I want to change the the header's settings by including the subsections at the top right section and removing the logo and the university's title. Is this possible?


You could create a new headline definition as following:

\defbeamertemplate*{headline}{magda theme}{%
    \multiply\@tempdimb by\beamer@sectionmax%
    \advance\@tempdimb by 1.125ex%
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.5\paperwidth,ht=\@tempdimb]{section in head/foot}%
      \vbox to\@tempdimb{\vfil\insertsectionnavigation{.5\paperwidth}\vfil}%
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.5\paperwidth,ht=\@tempdimb]{subsection in head/foot}%
      \vbox to\@tempdimb{\vfil\insertsubsectionnavigation{.5\paperwidth}\vfil}%
%    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.4\paperwidth,ht=\@tempdimb,right]{subsection in head/foot}%
%      \vbox to\@tempdimb{\vfil\vfil\textbf{\footnotesize\insertshortinstitute~~}\vfil}%
%    \end{beamercolorbox}%
%    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.1\paperwidth,ht=\@tempdimb,left]{subsection in head/foot}%
%      \vbox to\@tempdimb{\vfil\insertlogo\vfil\vfil}%
%    \end{beamercolorbox}%

and switch between headlines like


\setbeamertemplate{headline}[tuc theme]




\setbeamertemplate{headline}[magda theme]


  • Thank you very much for your answer. This did work but the logo and title are removed from all slides. I would like to keep the initial header format until the Outline slide. I want the subsections to appear only after the Outline slide. Dec 1 '17 at 12:56
  • @MagdaAmiridi please see my edit Dec 1 '17 at 13:11
  • @MagdaAmiridi You're welcome! Dec 1 '17 at 13:38

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