I want to define a set of conditionals using newif in a loop. The loop variable should become part of the conditional's name. However, I'm running into trouble when trying to set the conditional and when defining multiple conditionals in one loop.

When I try to define a second conditional using the same code structure, I end up getting the following error: Missing \endcsname inserted.. The same happens when trying to set the if conditional.



  \advance\count@ 1
  \expandafter\newif\csname ifrst@onlyheight\@Alph\count@\endcsname%
  %\expandafter\newif\csname ifrst@onlywidth\@Alph\count@\endcsname%
  %\csname rst@onlyheight\@Alph\count@ true\endcsname
  \csname rst@onlyheightAtrue\endcsname


More code here.


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\count@ is set during the processing of \newif:

% latex.ltx, line 910:
  \count@\escapechar \escapechar\m@ne

Use \@tempcnta instead.

A different loop:


\int_step_inline:nnnn { 1 } { 1 } { 5 }
  \exp_args:Nc \newif { ifrst@onlyheight \int_to_Alph:n { #1 } }
  \exp_args:Nc \newif { ifrst@onlywidth \int_to_Alph:n { #1 } }
  \use:c { rst@onlywidth \int_to_Alph:n { #1 } true }


\meaning\ifrst@onlyheightA \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlyheightB \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlyheightC \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlyheightD \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlyheightE \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlywidthA \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlywidthB \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlywidthC \\
\meaning\ifrst@onlywidthD \\

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