I use font Acrobat


It has 8 weight, from Thin ... to Black. This is ONLY weight, not italic. How can I use all (or some) of this styles?

  1. By default I want use Light style (not Regular)
  2. By /bfseries I want use SemiBold (not Bold). (Or create additional command for this style).
  3. Create additional command for ExtraLight style.
  • Mostly the font's name will be Akrobat Light then (to use within setsansfont). And for the semibold you would use \setsansfont[BoldFont=...]{...}. For (3) use \newfontfamily. You should really read the documentation of fontspec.
    – TeXnician
    Dec 3, 2017 at 8:57

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You can define the various series in the \setsansfont declaration and then define the commands for the nonstandard font choices.


  FontFace={ul}{n}{Font=* Thin},
  FontFace={el}{n}{Font=* ExtraLight},
  FontFace={l}{n}{Font=* Light},
  FontFace={sb}{n}{Font=* SemiBold},
  FontFace={eb}{n}{Font=* ExtraBold},
  FontFace={xb}{n}{Font=* Black},



\textul{Abc Thin} {\ulseries Thin}

\textel{Abc ExtraLight} {\elseries ExtraLight}

\textl{Abc Light} {\lseries Light}

Abc Regular

\textsb{Abc SemiBold} {\sbseries SemiBold}

\textbf{Abc Bold} {\bfseries Bold}

\texteb{Abc ExtraBold} {\ebseries ExtraBold}

\textxb{Abc Black} {\xbseries Black}


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