I want to draw with TikZ a curve, knowing its parametric equations.

The curve is given by:

$\gamma :\left\{
x=t, \\
y=t^{2}, \\
\right. t\in \left[ 0,1\right] .$

Which would be the code for this plotting?

  • See the pgfplots package that builds on tikz and deals specifically with plotting. The documentation contains several examples of this type. – Andrew Swann Dec 3 '17 at 8:40

You can do it either TikZ or pgfplots way

In TikZ

\draw[domain=0:1,smooth,variable=\t]plot (\t,\t^2,\t^3);

In pgfplots

    \begin{axis}[samples y=0]
        \addplot3+[domain=0:1] (x,x^2,x^3);


enter image description here

The extra option is due to Artificial Line in PGFPlots 3D Parametric Plots?


Here is a working example for your requirements.




            legend pos= north west,

            \addplot +[smooth,thick]{x};
            \addlegendentry{$x=t$ }

            \addplot +[smooth,thick] []{x^2}; %Linear regression 1st order 1984-2017
            \addlegendentry{$y=t^2$ }

            \addplot +[smooth,thick] []{x^3}; %Linear regression 1st order 1984-2017
            \caption{Your caption}


OUTPUT:: enter image description here

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