I need an empty line between two paragraphs and so as usual I end one of them with \\. However that paragraph was at the bottom of a page so the empty line is difficult to see if you don't know to look for it. Searching on line I found two possible solutions \\* and \\ \nopagebreak however both of these produce the same behavior.

So, I either need to break the page sooner, or have something indicating that a break, other than a page break, has also occurred. However, since the text above it may change (and there is a lot text above it) I don't want to make this a special case. Meaning I don't want to manually force a break in the middle of the paragraph myself, if that is the solution, but rather I want LaTeX to do that.

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    Don't end paragraphs with \\. This only give underfull box warnings. If you need space between paragraphs use \vspace. Dec 6, 2017 at 22:12
  • placing \\ at the end of a paragraph will always give bad spacing (tex warns you about badness 10000, which is the maximum value it assigns to any bad box) Dec 6, 2017 at 22:30

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Never use \\ at the end of a paragraph.

If you need to add vertical space use \vspace or a pre-defined space such as \bigskip.

In the document below TeX chooses the page break at the extra space, adding \nopagebreak at the point indicated prevents that choice so forcing TeX to take a different page break here it breaks the preceding paragraph taking one line over to the next page followed by the big skip.



\def\z{\stepcounter{enumi}\roman{enumi}\ one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. }
\def\zz{\z\z\z\z\z\z\z Black white blue red green. \z\z}

AAA \zz\zz

BBB \zz\z\z
line a line a line a line a line a line a line a line a line a line a line a 
line b line b line b line b line b line b line b line b line b line b  
line c line c line c line c line c line c line c line c line c line c  


CCC \zz

DDD \zz

enter image description here

  • Thanks, that did it. I needed the \nopagebreak first. Also, thanks for pointing out the problem with \\. I've just been ignoring the underfull box warnings since they didn't result in any discernible issues. I made a macro command for \nopagebreak\vspace{\baselineskip} which has the same desired result without the errors or not working the way I think it should.
    – Nero gris
    Dec 7, 2017 at 0:35

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