I can't find how to draw a surjective arrow between two nodes in TikZ. I'd like it to look somewhat like this.

enter image description here


A pure TikZ solution involves using ->> and that's about it:

\node at (0,0) (a) {A};
\node at (1,0) (b) {B};
\path [draw,->>] (a) -- (b);


And we are done. :)


By importing tikz-cd package, you can use \arrow command with twoheadrightarrow option as follows:



A \arrow[r, tail, twoheadrightarrow, dashed] & B


My further proposal would be to use, as an alternative, the xy package. You get the same results as in the previous answers.

enter image description here

\xymatrix@C=1.5pc{A\ar@{->>}[r]& B

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