Good morning, I have just seen a Question titled by ''How to change the color of Table of Contents from red to black?'' and I'm really satisfied by the proposed answer as I want, knowing that the table of contents and the page numbers are both hyperlinked.

The proposed answer is:

{ \hypersetup{linkcolor=black}

In addition to that, I would like to keep the black color in the table of contents but I want:

  • Either to change the color of the page numbers in this table to red
  • Or frame these page numbers in a color square.
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    Not sure, if this is what you want to achieve, but \usepackage[colorlinks=true,linktocpage=true]{hyperref} removes the hyperlinks from the titles in the table of contents, hyperlinks the corresponding page numbers instead and prints these numbers in red. By removing the option colorlinks=true, the page numbers are surrounded by a red frame. – leandriis Dec 8 '17 at 10:20

You wrote,

I would like to ... change the color of the page numbers [in the ToC] [to red]

I suggest you load the hyperref package with the option linktocpage.

enter image description here


\section{A A A} \clearpage
\section{B A B} \clearpage
\section{C C C}
  • Thank you very much for you answer. Do you have an idea how to frame the page numbers by a colored square.? Thank you again. – A H Dec 10 '17 at 17:28
  • @AH - Just remove the option colorlinks. If necessary, specify the option linkcolor=red when loading hyperref. – Mico Dec 10 '17 at 17:31

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