I'm a pretty decent LaTeX user in the sense that I write LaTeX documents all the time and I can do pretty much everything that I need to do (with some occasional help from you lovely people). But I don't know much about plain TeX and TeX's inner workings, and I don't need to know it for most of what I do.

I would like to learn more though, and I can't get motivated unless there's something actually useful for me to do with it.

So I was hoping you guys would have some suggestions of stuff that has to be done, so I can learn what's necessary and do it. Something actually useful for the TeX community, but simple enough to be a starting point (it can be challenging, though; that's the whole point).

I also wanted to know more about LaTeX 3, so I was thinking maybe something related to expl3 could be nice. Even, like, a single function that needs some work, and I could try to give it a go. Anyway, something to make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile while I learn.

Even better, if you guys are feeling up for it, would be a whole set of progressive tasks, like:

Easy stuff:

  • Write this function
  • Fix this problem
  • Document this code

Harder stuff:

  • Add this feature

And so on…

If there were a list of enough tasks that need to be done (even if they're those annoying parts everyone's procrastinating), maybe more people would be interested in tackling them too, and it would make it more interesting for people to learn stuff while at the same time helping current projects.

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    Upvoted for your interest and willingness to help, but I agree with Werner that it's not a great fit for the site. In addition to chat, the latex-l mailing list may be another place to get the discussion going. Dec 8 '17 at 19:52
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    Oh, all right then, I'll ask on the chat and mailing list when I have the time. Thanks you!
    – dbmrq
    Dec 9 '17 at 3:09
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    There are plenty of projects here: github.com/latex3/latex3/issues Dec 11 '17 at 20:35
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    Did you find something? I'm curious. Perhaps email me, stefan@latex.org.
    – Stefan Kottwitz
    Jan 6 '18 at 19:19
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    It's just that I got ideas to share. :-)
    – Stefan Kottwitz
    Jan 6 '18 at 19:52

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