I'm using the Sweave toolchain in R to generate tex files from Sweave files as part of an R package. I use the R command:

    $(RSCRIPT) -e "tools::texi2dvi( 'file.tex', pdf = TRUE, clean = FALSE )" 

(part of my a Makefile in inst/doc) to generate the pdf. Non-breaking-space character ~ seems to be appearing as a real tilde in the resulting pdf. How do I avoid this? (I running pdflatex on the .tex file seems to do the trick, but I gather that is more platform dependent than using the R tools to compile the package. (More on R/Sweave makefiles in this question)

  • My best solution is to just compile with the native latex tools rather than the R-included tools in the makefile. See this example: gist.github.com/1591001 – cboettig Feb 2 '12 at 18:56

I have run into the same issue. At work right now I have a windows machine and the call to tools::texi2dvi seems work just fine, no unbreakable space in the resulting pdf. However, on my Ubuntu 11.10 machine at home I see the ~ character just as you described if I compile via tools::texi2dvi. My solution has been to use a system call from R to get the pdflatex if on Linux and tools::texi2dvi if on windows. I have the function as part of a build.R file for whatever project I'm working on that day.

compile <- function(){
  if (.Platform$OS != 'windows'){
    system("pdflatex ./tex/MAIN.tex")
  } else {
    tools::texi2dvi(file  = "./tex/MAIN.tex",
                    pdf   = TRUE,
                    clean = FALSE,
                    quiet = FALSE)

  • thanks for confirming the bug. Yes, I've been using system calls (or just a custom Makefile) to get around this too, but it seems unsatisfying that tools::tex2dvi has such a bug on Ubuntu. I guess it's worth posting this to r-devel then? – cboettig Mar 27 '12 at 6:36

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