I wanna draw some schematics, but I need voltage and current sources quite different from those provided by package.


I think I can use american current source with empty source to get my current souce and just american current source as my voltage source.

\begin{circuitikz}[american voltages, american currents, european resistors]
(0,0) to[voltmeter, rotate=0] (0,4)
      to[ammeter] (4,4) -- (4,0)
      to[I,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=1cm, n=S1] (0,0)
      to [esource,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=2cm] (0,0)

But I'm getting this:


Do you have any idea to overlap one component with another or better, write a macro to automate this?


Your example fails because the first generator is drawn between (4,0) and (0,0) (so at (2,0)) while the second one is from (0,0) to (0,0)... Use two different paths:


\begin{circuitikz}[american voltages, american currents, european resistors]
\path (4,0) to[I,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=1cm, n=S1] (0,0);
\draw (4,0) to [esource,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=2cm] (0,0);

strange current source

...and the \path instead of \draw will avoid the wires from "sticking into" the empty generator.

  • Can you explain to me how this code can be fixed? \newcommand{\I_source}[3] {\path[rotate=#3] (#1) to[I,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=1cm] (#2); \draw (#1) to [esource,/tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length=2cm] (#2);}
    – Jump3r
    Dec 14 '17 at 6:10
  • You can't use the underscore in the command name...
    – Rmano
    Dec 14 '17 at 6:58
  • Is it really worth it learning Circuitikz? Because it seems that I would save a lot of time using another tool like Visuo and then copy the image to LaTeX... Dec 15 '17 at 1:28
  • @JoãoPedro it depends. If you need to produce lot of circuits with small differences (and if you like the way it marks voltages and current, which I don't), probably yes. Otherwise, my vote on the faster and best-looking application for drawing circuits goes to XCircuit
    – Rmano
    Dec 15 '17 at 12:05

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