I need to change / into , (comma followed by the space) in backreferences in my bibliography.

So instead

(Zitiert auf S. 3/4/99/101)

I need:

(Zitiert auf S. 3, 4, 99, 101)

This is my MWE:

    Address = {Berlin and New York and Freiburg},
    Author = {{Athanasius Alexandrinus}},
    Booktitle = {Athanasius Werke - Die dogmatischen Schriften},
    Call-Number = {TH: Vb 17.02-1.1.2},
    Date-Added = {2010-10-16 13:24:30 +0200},
    Date-Modified = {2014-03-13 17:12:32 +0000},
    Editor = {Marin Tetz and others},
    Keywords = {source},
    Pages = {109-175},
    Publisher = {Walter de Gruyter},
    Read = {No},
    Series = {Urkunden zur Geschichte des Arianischen Streites 318-328},
    Shortauthor = {Ath.},
    Shorttitle = {Ar. 1},
    Title = {Oratio I contra Arianos},
    Volume = {1, Tl. 1, Lfg. 2},
    Year = {1998}}
    Address = {Paris},
    Author = {{Evagrius Scholasticus}},
    Booktitle = {{\'E}vagre Le Scholastique: Histoire Eccl{\'e}siastique - Livres I-III},
    Call-Number = {TH: Va1.05/542},
    Date-Added = {2013-08-24 12:11:20 +0000},
    Date-Modified = {2014-03-30 11:54:31 +0000},
    Editor = {Joseph Bidez and Leon Parmentier},
    Keywords = {source},
    Publisher = {Les {\'E}ditions du Cerf},
    Series = {Sources chr{\'e}tiennes},
    Shortauthor = {Evagr.},
    Shorttitle = {h.e.},
    Title = {Historia ecclesiastica},
    Volume = {542},
    Year = {2011}}
\usepackage[style=historische-zeitschrift, maxnames=2, hyperref=true, backref=true, backrefstyle=none, backend=bibtex,idemtracker=true]{biblatex}
  backrefpage  = {Zitiert auf S\adddot},
  backrefpages = {Zitiert auf S\adddot},
\blindtext\footcite[See][S. 56]{athanasius1998}
\blindtext\footcite[See][S. 22]{evagrius2011}
\blindtext\footcite[See][S. 11]{athanasius1998}
\blindtext\footcite[See][S. 12]{evagrius2011}

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To change the delimiter only for the pageref list, use


This is a copy of the original definition from biblatex.def with \renewcommand*{\multilistdelim}{\addcomma\addspace}% added.


You can use


enter image description here

I would also advise you to use utf8 everywhere, to input accents directly, to get the endash right, and to use biber instead of bibtex.

 {Évagre Le Scholastique: Histoire Ecclésiastique -- Livres ...}
  • I thought this is solution but once I implemented it in my main file I realised that this is changing something else that it shouldn't. In the case where I have more than one Address entries (more than one cities) this changes first entry to comma and the other ones are left with slash. I changed my MWE above so that you can test it and see what I mean. It produces Berlin, New York/Freiburgin this case instead Berlin, New York, Freiburg
    – stx932
    Commented Dec 16, 2017 at 7:51
  • Add \renewcommand*{\finallistdelim}{\addcomma\addspace} if you want the commas in the address. If you want slashes you need a solution like that from @moeve and change one of the list formats to use special formatting. Commented Dec 16, 2017 at 10:18
  • Thank you. This is a great answer for those who want to change both address and list formats!
    – stx932
    Commented Dec 16, 2017 at 13:08

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