It seems that all captions in Tufte-book are placed in the margin.

I have a full-width table where I can place the caption above the table using


but how do I specify the caption to have the same width as the table?

Complete MWE:

\caption{Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar}
Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar


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    Welcome. Please add a minimal working example (mwe). – Bobyandbob Dec 30 '17 at 21:55

I will say that the best solution is switch to another document class, but in case that this is not a valid option ...

Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar & Foo & bar \\
Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar Foo-bar}}


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