I use Tex Live and TexWorks/Kile on Windows 7. I have biber 2.10 and biblatex 3.10 fully updated (that is what Tex Live Manager 2017 says).

But I can't compile a file created with another latex system as I get the error message:

Package biblatex Warning: File 'filename.bbl' is wrong format version - expected 2.9.

When I check the file filename.bbl it starts with

% $ biblatex auxiliary file $
% $ biblatex bbl format version 2.8 $
% Do not modify the above lines!
% This is an auxiliary file used by the 'biblatex' package.
% This file may safely be deleted. It will be recreated as
% required.

so the file has the version 2.8. This file was created with another latex system. I would like to make it run on my computer :) What can I do?

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    As the beginning lines of the .bbl file already tell you, you can simply delete the .bbl file and then recompile the .tex file on your system.
    – leandriis
    Jan 2, 2018 at 13:42

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To successfully compile your document, you can sefely delete the .bbl file that was created on a different computer with a different version of biber. If you then recompile the .tex file on your system (using latex, biber, latex, latex), the required .bbl file will be created by biber automatically.

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