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I'm trying to make a very simple arrow with Tikz, like this: ---> But I only seem to get arrows that like <---> and ----><. I'm very new to LaTex and Tikz, so I'm probably doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what it is. This is my code:

\coordinate (v2) at (3.5,6.5) {};
\draw[->, line width=1mm]  (v2) edge node[near start, auto, scale=2] {$F$} (3.5,4); 

This is the result:

enter image description here

I also tried: <-, which gives me the only one arrow, but to the wrong side, so I tried to swap the two points, but that gives me the following result. Notice that the second arrow looks different:

enter image description here

for reference, this is the code for the second image:

\coordinate (v2) at (3.5,6.5) {};
\draw[<-, line width=1mm]  (3.5,4) edge node[near start, auto, scale=2] {$F$} (v2); 

I also tried to make the arrow with |-> but that just renders the | in the second arrow

I used TikzEdt to draw the image and finetuned later in the document in TexStudio, both use pdflatex.

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compare code below with your and observe difference:


\path[->, line width=1mm]  (0,0) edge node[near start, auto, scale=2] {$F$} (0,3);
\draw[->, line width=1mm]  (2,0)  --  node[near start, auto, scale=2] {$F$} (2,3);


enter image description here

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