Well, that's pretty it.

I was wondering if there's any way to change the default style of the escaped special characters, because sometimes I find them a bit "out of the line", especially \&, which appears slightly bigger and curvier than the usual &.

I know it's not that much of importance, but I find it quite unappealing in terms of aesthetics.


By default, \& is just & from the current font tex has no control over it. So choosing the shape of & is like choosing the shape of g: you just need to pick a font that you like.

However if you really want to change \& while keeping the same font then...

enter image description here



\catcode`\&=12 % make & a normal punctuation character not a table cell separator

abc \& xyz   is the same as  abc & xyz.

Like g it shows a lot of variation

g &  \textit{g &}  \textsf{g &}  {\fontfamily{ptm}\selectfont g &}

But being a command you can redefin it to be anything

0  abc \& xyz

1\renewcommand\&{{\tiny&}}   abc \& xyz

2\renewcommand\&{\raisebox{-.3ex}{&}}   abc \& xyz

3\renewcommand\&{{\large\bfseries AND}}   abc \& xyz

  • Thank you! That's what I was looking for! :) (Actually I was pretty sure that escaping a character would change it's shape, well, I see it doesn't. Anyway, this is the perfect answer, modifying shapes and fonts along the same line works greatly!) – stonebird Jan 4 '18 at 22:09

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