I try to use Multibib package in Xepersian, but does't work, this is my MWE:

AUTHOR =       {Vafa Khalighi},
AUTHORFA = {خلیقی,وفا},
TITLE =        {Category Theory},
SCHOOL =       {Sydny Univ.},
YEAR =         {2007},
MONTH =        {April}
AUTHOR =       {امین ‌طوسی محمود and مزینی,ناصر and  فتحی محمود},
TITLE =        {افزایش وضوح ناحیه‌ای},
BOOKTITLE =    {چهاردهمین کنفرانس ملی سالانه انجمن کامپیوتر ایران},
YEAR =         {1387},
ORGANIZATION = {دانشگاه امیرکبیر},
ADDRESS =      {تهران ایران},
month =          {اسفند},
pages = {101--108},
LANGUAGE =     {Persian}
\newcites{pr}{مراجع فارسي}
\newcites{en}{مراجع انگلیسی}
\settextfont[Scale=1.5]{XB Zar}%{XB Niloofar}
\setlatintextfont[Scale=1.5]{Linux Libertine}
%\setdigitfont[Scale=1]{XB Zar}
\defpersianfont\Sayeh[Scale=1.5]{XB Kayhan Sayeh}
\settextdigitfont[Scale=1.5, Ligatures=TeX]{Times New Roman}

or you can download the full directory including asa-fa.bst file from here:MWE full directory

  • Probably you should use biblatex + biber as they understand natively utf8 encoding, in the place of natbib and multibib. – Bernard Jan 4 '18 at 22:38
  • I tried your idea, unfortunately did not work – Abdelhak Elfengour Jan 5 '18 at 12:31

I don't see any problem with your MWE. I guess you've forgotten to run bibtex on pr and en.

I assume that your original file name is main, then you should do like the follwoing:

xelatex main 
bibtex main
bibtex pr
bibtex en
xelatex main
xelatex main

So you can see the output below: enter image description here

P.S. I used Linux Libertine font instead of Times New Roman, I think this font is more prestigious.

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