I am using following template: https://da.sharelatex.com/templates/thesis/laursen's-thesis

I want to add supervisors to the static part and because I cooperate with two departments I want the supervisors from department Y to be on the right side of the page and those from department X to be on the left side of the page, but on same lines. As an example how I would like it to be:

Department X;                                   Department Y;
A.B.                                            W.K.
C.D.                                            L.J

How can I do this? And how can I change the letter size?

The static parts looks like this now:

\def\thesistype    {Master of Science in Engineering}
\def\thesistitle   {Bacteria}
\def\thesisauthor {Me}
\Supervisors{Department X; A.B. and C.D.\\ Department Y; W.K. and L.J.} 
\def\papersize    {a4paper}
\def\showtrims    {false}
\def\showtodos    {true}
\def\confidential {false}
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  • In the template you linked to there is no definition of the macro \Supervisors contained.
    – Skillmon
    Jan 7, 2018 at 11:37

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I can only guess because you don't show us which \documentclass and packages you use. But the following could work:

    Department X; & Department Y;\\
    A.B.          & W.K.\\
    C.D.          & L.J.

Using your template I changed the stuff contained in ./prefrontmatter/titlepage.tex to the following (changes are marked using comments):

%!TEX root = ../Thesis.tex 
\thispagestyle{empty}             % No page numbers
            \thesistypeabbr{} Thesis\\*[0cm]
        \HUGE \thesistitle{}\\*[0.2cm]
        \Huge \thesissubtitle{}\\*[1.2cm]
            \thesisauthor{}\\*[0.6cm]% <------------------ change
              % <Inserted>
                Department X; & Department Y;\\
                A.B.          & W.K.\\
                C.D.          & L.J.
              % </Inserted>
            \thesislocation{} \the\year

The resulting titlepage looks like this:

enter image description here

  • I could not get it to work. I tried to put in the defined \documentclass and packages, but it is too long. If it is a help I gave a link of the template I am using and both are defined in the preamble - general. tex.
    – User
    Jan 7, 2018 at 9:34

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