I think this is new, because this is not the first time I've used Texstudio with aa.cls, but now when compiling this:


\title{We're great}
\abstract{We insist}
\author{a \and b}


        Hello world!

I'm using the latest class provided by Astronomy and Astrophysics (aanda, aa.cls which can be downloaded directly from here). The internal pdf viewer is just showing a rectangle where the header should be (in the proper place) and a small circle in the top right, presumably from the copyright symbol that's supposed to be there.

Here are the screenshots of the internal and external (Evince) viewers: internal external

When compiling the internal viewer does mark where the text should appear, but you see the result below. I would rather stick with it as it's synced to the line I'm marking. oddly commenting out %\RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc} in the aa.cls fixed this issue. I rather not do this, so what am I missing?

If relevant the specs are Debian 9, Tex Live package 2016.20170123-5. Changing the document class to article will remove this problem, and the viewer will work nicely as usual.

Some testing

Beyond the system package, I tried installing version 12 from the site, both qt4 and qt5, and version 11.2 (compiled from source). All show same behavior. I ran texstudio from the console to see if something is happening that I'm missing and I got a ton of:

Error (257): Missing or bad Type3 CharProc entry

This only happens for this document class (at least it doesn't happen for article). I found out this is thrown by the poppler library, but I don't know what would cause it. The result of pdffonts is:

name                                 type              encoding         emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --- --- --- ---------
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no       4  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no       5  0
WCJTWI+CMSY10                        Type 1            Builtin          yes yes no       6  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no       7  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no       8  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no       9  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no      10  0
[none]                               Type 3            Custom           yes no  no      11  0

I have a virtual machine running Debian 9.

After installing also cm-super with Synaptic, here's a screen shot. In the terminal window you can see the output of pdffonts before and after this update.

enter image description here

Some more information: TeXStudio is version 2.11.2 (installed this morning; uses Qt version 5.7.1

enrico@debian:~$ apt list texlive
Listing... Done
texlive/stable,now 2016.20170123-5 all [installed]
enrico@debian:~$ apt list texstudio
Listing... Done
texstudio/stable,now 2.11.2+debian-1 amd64 [installed]
  • For those looking for an apt command sudo apt-get install cm-super. – kabanus Jan 9 '18 at 10:19

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