In a table of contents set with Memoir I have the problem that the spacing between the Section name and the section umber is too small when section numbers are larger than 9:

enter image description here

Based on page 150 of the memman.pdf I got the feeling that \cftKindent controlled that space ("This length controls the indentation of an entry from the left margin (indent in Figure 9.2). It can be changed using \setlength.") but when I try to change it with \setlength\cftKnumwidth{3em} I get:

! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \cftKnumwidth 

l.445 \setlength\cftKnumwidth{3em}


What am I missing? How can I fix my problem?


The K in \cftKnumnwidth is a variable used in the documentation. Replace K with section for (for section). See Table 9.3 of the documentation for other possible values.

enter image description here

Memoir also uses a similar scheme for section formatting commands (indents, before skips, etc.) The documentation variable in this case is S, e.g. \setbeforeSskip sets the skip before a heading of type S, where S can be section, subsection, subsubsection, paragraph or subparagraph.

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