I am working on a report using the VLDB template. I am getting an extra section called `Additional Authors' even though I have given all the authors names on the front page along with the right author name numbers. This is the following code. I am not sure what is activating the additional authors section.


Lini Thomas\\
       \affaddr{Hyderabad, India.}\\
% 2nd. author
Amar Budhiraja\\
       \affaddr{Microsoft R\&D}\\
       \affaddr{Hyderabad, India.}\\
% 3rd. author
\alignauthor Satyanarayana R Valluri\\
       \affaddr{California, USA}\\
% 4th. author
\alignauthor Kamalakar Karlapalem\\
       \affaddr{Hyderabad, India.}\\

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Basically the problem is with vldb.cls file. In vldb.cls file, change :

    \section{Additional Authors}\the\addauthors

to :

    \section{Additional Authors}\the\addauthors

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