I want to get article with two column abstract, spanning to the second page synchronously. The idea is to show original and translated abstracts. I use papacol package for this. The main body should also use two columns, and here is a problem.

  1. \twocolumn command makes unwanted new page. \let\clearpage\relax \twocolumn results in overlapped text. The result is:

1 1

  1. It is possible to place the whole article body in multicols environment, but I would not like it because of the floats usage. Here is the screen of the second page (without a figure) to show the desired view:


What is the way to get the page like in the second example, but without multicol ?


Is it possible to use paracol to get classical left-to-right text flow in columns ?

Minimal example code:






\title{Example article with two column abstract}

\author{Author A.R.}



\hrule width \hsize \kern 1mm \hrule width \hsize \kern 1mm



\hrule width \hsize \kern 1mm \hrule width \hsize \kern 1mm

\textbf{The dobule line above should split the abstract from the article body.}


\subsection{Subsection Heading Here}


\subsubsection{Subsubsection Heading Here}
Subsubsection text here.
\tcbox[colback=green!30, colframe=blue!30!black]{\begin{tabular}{cc}A & B \\ C & d\end{tabular}}
\caption{Simulation results for the network.}


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