When trying to force an image to be centered, I get the following error:

! Package keyval Error: center undefined.See the keyval package documentation for explanation.Type H for immediate help.... {\sffamily\centering }

This is the code I am using

      \includegraphics[width=200pt, center]{./pictures/arcsdeobr.png}
      \caption[ArcSDE logic]{ArcSDE logic(source: ArcSDE)}
      \label{fig:ArcSDE logic}

My classmate that has been using the same template does not have this issue when using "center".


center is not a standard key for \includegraphics. Use \centering, if you want to center the contents of the figure:

  \caption[ArcSDE logic]{ArcSDE logic(source: ArcSDE)}
  \label{fig:ArcSDE logic}

This answer explains:

To align images inside a figure easily you can use the adjustbox package which allows you to add alignment keys to \includegraphics

So adding the following code somewhere before that code should do the trick:


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