I need to change the way "Contents" appears in \tableofcontents in a revtex4-1 document.

Other answers indicate \renewcommand{\contentsname}{changes!}, however when I uncomment any of those in


\def\title{A title}

%\renewcommand{\contentsname}{T\lowercase{able of} C\lowercase{ontents}}
%\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{L\lowercase{ist of} F\lowercase{igures}}
%\renewcommand{\contentsname}{T\lowercase{able of} C\lowercase{ontents}}



Some text.






I get "Latex Error: \contentsname undefined" (or similar for \listfigurename).



The revtex4-1 class uses the non-standard macros \tocname, \lofname, and \lotname to name the Table of Contents and the related lists, so you have to redefine these macros.

  • works like a charm, thanks; apparently, I can accept in 4 minutes! – Carl Jan 13 '12 at 21:29

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