I've written software which generates rather long PDFs from generated .tex files with pdflatex. On occasion, I'll get broken pipe errors which cause the pdf generation to fail. I have trouble recreating the errors, and the pdf generation will often work if I try it a second time.

I'm already calling pdflatex with -interaction=nonstopmode.

I'm looking for a way to: prevent the broken pipe errors from occurring OR ignore the broken pipe error and continue

Here is the error that I am getting:

[323] [324 </srv/www/mydomain.com/public_html/crawler/RRnKPFCjyZMKk1nUg/Images/Q
!pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file /srv/www/mydomain.com/public_html/crawler/RRnKPFCj
yZMKk1nUg/Images/QBFkqp_thumbnail1063.png): fflush() failed (Broken pipe)
 ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

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    As is evident from the compilation, this seems to occur with an image. A quick online search revealed a way to identify the problem image when using xelatex. How do you generate the images? I noticed you're using "underscores" in your paths. Do you specifically accommodate for this via grffile? – Werner Jan 12 '12 at 21:15
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  • Please tell us more about the setup: Which version of pdfTeX on which OS are you running? – Martin Schröder Jan 13 '12 at 22:30
  • @Werner: He is using pdflatex, not xelatex. – Martin Schröder Jan 15 '12 at 17:28
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    @RobertRawlingsWVU: Please try to reproduce the errors while running strace and study its ouput (you should probaly redirect the output with -o, see man strace). – Martin Schröder Jan 18 '12 at 21:36