I've modified my enumerate environment using the following sentences:


However, if I write something as

    \item \label{refme}

and then refer it using according to \cref{refme}, I'm getting "according to 1a" instead of "according to 1.(a)".

Is it possible to do something so that it respects my modified format?


Instead of manipulating the low-level macros \labelenumi, \labelenumii, and \labelenumiii directly, I suggest you (a) load the enumitem package, (b) create a custom enumerated list called myenum and define the label and ref properties of levels 1 thru 3 of such list items.

enter image description here

Speaking for myself, I can't help but remark that the citation call-outs look both ugly and distracting. At the very least, do consider not using a bold typeface for the cross-references.


                   ref  =\textbf{\arabic*.}}
                   ref  =\themyenumi\textbf{(\alph*)}}
                   ref  =\themyenumii\textbf{.(\roman*)}}



\item \label{refone}
    \item \label{reftwo} bla bla
      \item \label{refthree} bleep bleep
\item \label{reffour}
    \item xxx
    \item \label{reffive} bli bli
      \item yyy
      \item \label{refsix} bloop bloop

Cross-references to \cref{refone,reffour}, \cref{reftwo,reffive}, and \cref{refthree,refsix}.  

Addendum: If you insist on using the low-level macros \labelenumi, \labelenumii, and \labelenumiii, I think you should use the following code in the preamble. Note that this code also modifies \theenumi, \theenumii, and \theenumiiii as well as the "prefix macros" \p@enumi and \p@enumiii. (Observe that this code will not use bold-face while typesetting the cross-referencing call-outs. This is because I think it's really ugly to create bold-faced cross-referencing call-outs.)

  • Thanks for your answer. Worked great except for one thing: when referring, the `enumi' part applied corresponds to the actual value of the counter and not the one I'm referring to. – mflopezabu Jan 16 '18 at 3:08
  • @mflopeza - Please see my revised answer. – Mico Jan 16 '18 at 3:46
  • 2
    Went with the new environment and worked like a charm! Also followed your advice of omitting the boldface in the cross-reference. Thanks! – mflopezabu Jan 16 '18 at 14:35

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