I have a lengthy Python script (for a ML project), and I want to use some results in a LaTeX report. Using pythontex, I import my project, and it properly displays anything printed in project.py (e.g. print("Hello World") prints properly in the LaTeX pdf). However, it does not preserve variables or function definitions - so I can not use a variable defined in my project.py within a \pycode{} in my .tex file.

Any suggestions for why this is occurring, or how to get around it?

Edit - added example:


i = 4




   Some text
      import code

When run as above, draft.pdf has Some text 3 1. If I uncomment print(i), I get an error when running pythontex.


OK, figured out a solution - using

from code import *

works (executes my code, and preserved variable and function definitions).

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    You should also be able to access variables and functions with code.i, etc. if you just used import code instead of importing *.
    – G. Poore
    Jan 22 '18 at 13:03

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