I've got a strange problem (at least for me it is strange). I've put a lot of work in a Tikz-picture and finally it was finished and I was happy with the result my TeXstudio showed me in the preview. But when I opened it in Acrobat Reader there was a little but annoying difference: The dash pattern I used for my \fill command was just ignored. Instead the PDF just showed me horizontal lines.

My first question is: Do you have any idea where this difference comes from?

But my real question is: What can I do to make the dashed pattern appear in the pdf?

I already tried changing my standard-compiler from PdfLaTeX to LaTeX, but that didn't change anything. Below is my picture in a standalone.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Update: I imported the PDF with Gimp and suddenly the picture appeared with dashed lines. Maybe that's only a problem with the Adobe Reader?




\fill[pattern=horizontal lines, dash pattern=on 2pt off 2pt on 3pt off 2pt on 1pt off 2pt] (0.8,0) arc (-75:210:3.18) arc (30:-30:3) arc (150:435:3.18) -- cycle;
\draw[] (0.8,0) arc (-75:210:3.18) arc (30:-30:3) arc (150:435:3.18) -- cycle;
\draw[fill=white] (0,3.1) circle (3) node {+};
\draw[fill=white] (0,-3.1) circle (3) node {+};



Picture with a filling of definitely-not-dashed lines

  • I can reproduce the issue with Adobe Reader, however it works fine with Evince, xpdf, Okular. – Marijn Jan 22 '18 at 14:55
  • 1
    you haven't dashed the pattern you basically defined a dash pattern and then filled with horizontal solid lines. Whatever you are seeing as dashed is the wrong behavior. – percusse Jan 22 '18 at 15:31

Thanks to percusse, who got me the right hint.

When I do something like:



and use it as pattern:


adobe shows me the dashed lines too.

Many thanks!

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