Is it possible to create a footer with 3 rows. I have already asked some people but i could not understand because i am a beginner. My knowledge regarding latex is low. Sorry. This code is just a part of a huge code. For my document i have to use following parts:

\documentclass[11pt,a4paper,titlepage,bibtotoc]{scrreprt} and \usepackage[automark,plainheadsepline,headsepline,footsepline,plainfootsepline]{scrpage2}

I hope for this packages there is a solution.

enter image description here

\ifoot[Datei:\\\jobname.pdf]{Datei:\\\jobname.pdf \\ helllooo}
\ofoot[\pagemark~ / \hspace*{0.1mm} \pageref{LastPage}]{\pagemark~ / \hspace*{0.1mm} \pageref{LastPage}}

Above you can see an example (Word 2007 Screenshot).

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Disclaimer: This is only a workaround for an outdated package.

Note that package scrpage2 is outdated since December 2013 and option bibtotoc is deprecated for at least 10 years!

Workaround to keep the footer below the footsepline (assuming a onesided document):

  bibtotoc% deprecated for at least 10 years, should be replaced by bibliography=totoc
\usepackage{mwe}% dummy text and example images
{scrpage2}% deprecated since December 2013, should be replaced by scrlayer-scrpage
  {\smash{\begin{tabular}[t]{@{}l}first row\\second row\\third row\\fourth row\end{tabular}}}
  {first row}
  [\pagemark~ / \hspace*{0.1mm} \pageref{LastPage}]
  {\smash{\begin{tabular}[t]{r@{}}\\second row\\\\fourth row\end{tabular}}}

enter image description here

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