The code



  \vskip 3ex\goodbreak
  \hbox to \hsize{%
      \hbox to 1cm{\hss\bfseries\Large\thesection \ \ }%
        \advance \hsize by 8cm
        \advance \hsize by -2\fboxrule
        \advance \hsize by 2\fboxsep
       \strut\strut \linespread{1.4}\selectfont#2
  \vskip 5mm\nobreak


\chapter{A Test}
\section{A  Test}

gives me this output:

enter image description here

but I want the frame to be fullwidth like the following. How can I do this?

enter image description here


This quick change makes the trick:

Just replace

\hbox to \hsize{%
\hbox to 1cm{\hss\bfseries\Large\thesection \ \ }%


\hbox to \hsize{%
\hbox to 5cm{\hss\bfseries\Large\thesection \ \ }%

Probably not the most elegant solution, but it works!


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