I'm trying to use continuous integration with appveyor but I'm unable to run pdflatex. I considered myself reasonably competent with MikTeX up until now, though perhaps this is more a powershell problem.

I was able to install and run TeX Live through appveyor but I'd like to test MikTeX.

Attempt 1: docker

I attempted to use MikTeX's docker image (https://miktex.org/howto/miktex-docker) but it appears to be only usable for GNU/Linux:

  - docker pull miktex/miktex
  - docker volume create --name miktex
  - docker run -ti \
      -v miktex:/miktex/.miktex \
      -v `pwd`:/miktex/work \
      miktex/miktex \
      pdflatex Report.tex

Results in:

>    docker pull miktex/miktex
>    Using default tag: latest
>    latest: Pulling from miktex/miktex
>    image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform
>    Command exited with code 1
>    7z a failure.zip *.Rcheck\*

Attempt 2: via chocolatey

       choco install miktex.portable

  - pdflatex Report.tex


'pdflatex' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

You can assume that Report.tex compiles.

  • I myself have only used Travis CI, but there seem a few repositories to install MiKTeX on AppVeyor (e.g., github.com/thomasjo/appveyor-miktex) – yudai-nkt Jan 24 '18 at 12:52
  • @yudai-nkt: Unfortunately that script does not work any more, as the installer is now suffixed with a version. – morty May 28 at 6:49

I'm not sure what you mean by 'canonical'. But this should work:

version: 1.0.{build}
image: Visual Studio 2017
  - ps: choco install -y miktex
  - cmd:  refreshenv

  - cmd: pdflatex .\Report.tex
  • The problem about chocolatey is that the miktex packages are not always up to date. So you might get lucky and end up on a server that has not yet deleted the old file. Otherwise the installation will fail. Pretty annoying. – morty May 28 at 6:47

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