I am using beamer to make a presentation. I would like to have a page after I start a new section with only the section title on it. When I use the command


I end up getting a page saying "Section 1" and then "the section title". I would however like to only have "the section title" and remove "Section 1". How can I do this?


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You can use the \insertsection command to get the current section name and fashion your own sectionpage.

\section{Section name A}
\section{Section name B in the frametitle}
\begin{frame}{\insertsection} \end{frame}

To modify the current one you can look up for the \AtBeginSection in the manual p.97 (v.3.12)


I tailored my own template for the section page by using \setbeamertemplate and stripping the unneeded part from the original \defbeamertemplate*{section page} in beamer/base/themes/inner/beamerinnerthemedefault.sty:

\setbeamertemplate{section page}
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[sep=12pt,center]{part title}
    \usebeamerfont{section title}\insertsection\par

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