I have the following:


It is (correctly) showing code in black, with keywords in blue. However, I would like all inline code to appear in a distinct color (browny/reddish). How can I achieve this?

Note that I can not redefine \code to look something like this:


This is because of this issue, wherein I have inline code snippets that includes backslashes. I started pursuing a solution that uses \color, but I couldn't figure out how to do that given the above constraint.

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    Maybe you could use optional parameter for \lstinline to redefine colors for keywords and other symbols: \newcommand*{\code}{\lstinline[keywordstyle=\color{brown}, basicstyle=\color{brown}]} – Ignasi Jan 25 '18 at 11:33
  • @Ignasi excellent - that worked! Happy to accept as answer if you add one. – Kent Boogaart Jan 25 '18 at 23:37

You can always add a particular listing style into the optional argument of lstinline:

\newcommand*{\code}{\lstinline[keywordstyle=\color{brown}, basicstyle=\color{brown}]}

In this case, you'll have to define another command when you need other listing settings.


\newcommand*{\code}{\lstinline[keywordstyle=\color{brown}, basicstyle=\color{brown}]}

\newcommand*{\codered}{\lstinline[keywordstyle=\color{red}, basicstyle=\color{green}]}



\lstinline{for (i=0; i<5; i++) if (i==0)}

\code{for (i=0; i<5; i++) if (i==0)}

\codered{for (i=0; i<5; i++) if (i==0)}


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