I'd like to insert an epigraph that comes with a chapter in the previous blank page, say in the odd page at the left of the chapter title.

LibreOffice example of the desired result.

A possible (naive) solution would be to put the epigraph in the previous chapter file, but since I am producing two different output files (both oneside and twoside books) I am worried this solution won't be feasible.

Many thanks!


An answer is given in the epigraph package's documentation (> texdoc epigraph section 2.4)

\pagestyle{plain} % or empty to remove first chapter's header is desired
\epigraph{A wonderful quotation}{Anonymous}

In a twoside document the \chapter macro calls \cleardoublepage so that it starts at the top of an odd page. The \cleartoevenpage macro goes to the next even page (where you can put your epigraph) and then \chapter starts on the following odd page.

In a oneside document use \clearpage instead of \cleartoevenpage.

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  • Sorry, I miss the notification email. The answer you kindly provided works perfectly! Thank you! – picfra Feb 6 '18 at 9:14

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