I need to have a line on the INNER margin in a double-sided tufte-document. There was a close question and it has this answer. That answer is perfect. Their output is: enter image description here (You see the line on the INNER part of the page)

The difference is that I use tufte-book class, but that example is for an article class. As soon as I use \marginnote{Hello} in this code snippet LaTex gives a mistake ! LaTeX Error: Not in outer par mode.


(for the full code shamelessly stolen from the link, see below)

I wonder how to use \marginnote in mdframed environment, if possible. My search led to this question, that also doesn't have any answer.

I also have quite a number of \marginnote, marginfigure and figure* floats (with some tikz stuffing). I assume they all work the same, so I hope they will work as soon as the problem will be solved for at least one of them.

Any code modifications are welcome, as I still don't understand how that solution works anyway (I am freaking out as I see @ and code around it).



    innertopmargin=4pt, %\baselineskip

\noindent Some normal text.

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    Generally you cannot, \marginnote is a float and it cannot escape the mdframed boxes. I don;t quite understand what you are mentioning about a line, please update your question to something that are clearer to understand. Also don't put your questions into the bounty. – daleif Jan 29 '18 at 13:25
  • @dalief, sorry, I was not sure. Then the hint -box asked me for the clarification for the answerer, I did my best. Should I update my question by adding possible ways to resolve it (or at least the ways that would work or me)? – Sergey Belyaev Jan 29 '18 at 13:48
  • You should at least update your question so it is clearer what you are asking. Note that the site favours clear explicit questions, not "please do this for me" questions. – daleif Jan 29 '18 at 14:37

The \marginnote definition of the tufte-book class is based on \marginpar. This is a float and it won't work inside a mdframed environment.

You can switch to the \marginnote definition of the marginnote package, which is not a float. Be aware that this completly overwrite the tufte-definition. So none of the tufte settings or options will apply:





\noindent Some normal text.


enter image description here

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    Thank you. I accept it as the answer. Unfortunately, this solution does not allow to place figures and TikZ pictures in the '\marginpar' environment redefined like that. I have a lot of stuff like that. It looks like I have to find another way to emphasize several paragraphs. This solution brings me more problems than this particular one resolved. – Sergey Belyaev Jan 30 '18 at 14:05
  • It should be no problem to add a tikz picture inside a \marginnote. And you can add figures, if you don't use the figure environment. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 30 '18 at 14:07

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