I want to plot a surface with the style showed in the "Manual for Package pgfplots" using this data: wanted However, I only got this: enter image description here Here is my code (LuaLatex):

colorbar horizontal,
xlabel=$x$, ylabel=$y$,]
\addplot3[surf,mesh/ordering=y varies,patch, patch type=rectangle, mark=none,shader=interp] file {

It really makes me suffer and I can not find a fix (maybe because I am a newbie). I have to go to sleep now, forgive me if I reply later.

  • Please provide a complete MWE, not just a fragment. – user121799 Jan 27 '18 at 16:25
  • Thanks for reminding. I use a template of a journal, the pgfcompact factor is1.14, and there is nothing special. I can successfully get some sample in the manual for package pgfplots.:) – Bettertomo Jan 27 '18 at 16:40

enter image description here

is created by



  \addplot3[surf,mesh/ordering=y varies,shader=interp,%patch,patch type=rectangle,
  mark=none] table {sample.dat}; 

Here, I used only a subset of your huge data file (because of the long compilation time and the fact that I did not want to touch temf.cnf in order to increase the memory). More importantly, in accordance to the example on p. 34 of the pgfplots manual, I added an empty line whenever the first coordinate changes. (In your data, this amounts to adding an empty line after y hits 960..)

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