I'm using the exercise package, and instead of Questions of an exercise being numbered, I'd like them to use letters, for instance a. , b. , c. and so on.

I tried to use


but it didn't change anything. Not sure which counter I'm supposed to change...


\usepackage[lastexercise]{exercise} % for exercise environment


\Question first question.
\Question second question.


Nevermind, I found the solution by realizing that I could redefine the \QuestionNB command as such:

\renewcommand{\QuestionNB}{\alph{Question}.\ }
\renewcommand{\theQuestion}{\alph{Question}.} % this ensures that references are also using the correct format

which produces the intended effect.

(In the original package the command is defined as \newcommand{\QuestionNB}{\arabic{Question}.\ }

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