I'm creating html from LaTex using the command htlatex ebook "html,info,imgdir:img/" All images are in the subdirectory img/ and this works perfectly. However I have a footnote containing a formula:

può calcolare come somma di una serie infinita\footnote{$\frac{\pi}{4}=1-\frac{1}
{3}+\frac{1}{5}-\frac{1}{7}+\frac{1}{9}-\cdots$}, di cui calcolare la somma di

htlatex creates a html file for the footnote (ebook2.html) linked from the main file and 6 png files (ebook[0-5]x.png) for the various parts of the formula.

The problem is that the png files are created in the same directory as the footnote html file, but inside it the references are to img/ebook0x.png for example.

What should I do to force image creation inside subdir img/ (not good, it pollute the book image dir) or better removing img/ from created image references?

Note that the observed behavior makes sense. I asked all images to be under img/ and in tex4ht.env there is the G line that converts from zz*.ps to png. So seems the only solution is to modify this line to put the result under img/



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