I'm using the cjhebrew package. How can I change the Hebrew font used while still keeping a 12pt Times English font? According to http://sites.huji.ac.il/tex/newlatex_usage.txt, there are many Hebrew fonts, as it states:

  • Jerusalem (used as default font)
  • Dead Sea (used as bold font)
  • Tel-Aviv (used as sans-serif or typewriter font)
  • Old Jaffa (used as italic or slanted font and for emphasize)
  • Hebrew classic normal and slanted (command \textclas)
  • Shalom Old Style (command \textshold)
  • Shalom Script (command \textshscr)
  • Shalom Stick (command \textshstk)
  • Carmel normal and slanted (command \textcrml)
  • Frank Ruehl normal, bold and slanted (command \textfr)
  • Redis normal, bold and slanted (command \textredis)

Is there a way to change it? Also, is there another/better package I might be using?

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I personally use XeTeX for writing Hebrew (and just about everything else). With fontspec, changing fonts is quite straightforward. See this question and the fontspec documentation for more info.

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