I am using LaTeX to make a presentation and I do not want to have captions labeled "Figure 1: " etc., so I followed the help from this page:


that worked fine and I got only mine caption without "Figure:" before it. However, when I load the package subcaption (which I need because I am also doing subfigures), the above command stops working and it shows "Figure:" before the captions. Is there any way to use a package subcaption and be able to get rid of those at the same time in presentation?

  • Yes, there is. Use the interface caption and subcaption provide. Is that all you wanted to know? You don't give any code, so I assume so.
    – cfr
    Jan 30, 2018 at 2:26

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If you want to use the subcaption package, you can use the mechanism of the caption package to change the appearance of the captions






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