I'm writing a conference paper using the acmart template. As the conference is blind, I've set the anonymous=true option (How to remove author information in sigconf template (acmart.cls) for double blind conferences?) and it works great! Not happy with that, I wondered how to print a block of text if I'm in anonymous mode?

I looked at the acmart.cls file and it defines a boolean key:

    \PackageInfo{\@classname}{Using anonymous mode}%
    \PackageInfo{\@classname}{Not using anonymous mode}%

I tried to use this inside my document:

    \textbf{last line should be 901!}

It is a reminder not to go over 8 pages :-) , but the text is not displayed. How can I make this work?


@ has special meaning and can't be used as-is with macros. You need to brace your @-enabled commands using a \makeatletter-\makeatother pair:

   <your conditional text here>

Reference: What do \makeatletter and \makeatother do?

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