Is there any way to define a new value that is a counter + a constant?


\foreach\k in {0,1,...,7}
   \def\m    % ???? I want to make m=k+4
   \draw[->] (box\k) -- (box\m);
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Since I can't use the coordinates box1 etc. here, I just print the values.

It is a common usage of \foreach for variables like \m, \k but I don't recommend that.

The calculation inside the loop and definition of \youshoulduseothermacronames is done with \numexpr\k+4 here.



\foreach\k in {0,1,...,7}
  \def\youshoulduseothermacronames{\the\numexpr\k+4}    % ???? I want to make m=k+4

%   \draw[->] (box\k) -- (box\youshoulduseothermacronames);

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