I have this code:

    \begin{axis}[axis lines=center,xmin=-1,xmax=9,ymin=-1,ymax=9,line width=0.4mm]
        \draw[fill=blue!40,line width=0mm] (5,-0.5) rectangle (8,0.5);

Rectangle forward of the figure

I try adding on layer=axis background to the draw command, but unfortunately it does not work because it must be inside to the addplot command.

I do not want to put the rectangle in the tikzpicture environment, because that forces me to change the values of where it is. Is there any way to put a figure (rectangle, circle, etc.) within the axis environment and that is behind the axes?



Axis background seems to work, I also added a simple way to smuggle coordinates outside the axis environment, even though it is not needed here. BTW, depending on your plot, you may want to add set layers, cell picture=true.

    \begin{axis}[axis lines=center,xmin=-1,xmax=9,ymin=-1,ymax=9,line
    width=0.4mm, axis background/.style={%
                    path picture={
                        \draw[fill=blue!40,line width=0mm] (axis cs:5,-0.5) rectangle (axis cs:8,0.5);
        \coordinate (BL) at (5,-0.5);
        \coordinate (TR) at (8,0.5); % just to export the coordinates outside
%the axis, not needed here

enter image description here

  • Thank you very much! That worked. I'm going to investigate about set layers, cell picture = true :). – manooooh Feb 2 '18 at 3:01

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