I am having problem with the statement:


When I am giving 10 as the font size, it gets smaller than 12 as expected. Again, when I am giving 14pt as the font size it is again smaller than 12pt font size. Shouldn't it increase? Why is it decreasing?

  • How did you evaluate that 12pt looks like 10pt? Can you show how you did that?
    – Werner
    Feb 2 '18 at 5:42

The article, report, and book document classes recognize only three font size-related options: 10pt (the default), 11pt, and 12pt.

Note that 14pt is not a recognized option. If it's specified, it is not acted upon -- at least not at the document class level -- and the default of 10pt is used. If you look in the log file, you'll find the following warning (not error) message:

LaTeX Warning: Unused global option(s):

What to do? You need to switch to a different document class. Some possible candidates are memoir, the KOMA-Script classes (scrartcl, scrreprt, scrbook), and the extsizes classes (extarticle, extreport, extbook). If you're otherwise happy with the article class, switching to extarticle may be best as doing so won't require learning anything new.

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