I was wondering what are the "creative limits" of LaTeX. I've seen many beautifully typeset documents, books, scientific papers, which are of the highest quality, both aesthetically and in respect to content. After all, LaTeX is the best typesetting system in my opinion — overwhelming amount of amazing works written in it is therefore no surprise. I've even seen it put to work when constructing facsimile of a medieval manuscript.

But I am convinced I haven't seen it all. Please link me some of the best works ('best' as in the best overall aesthetics, "cleaneness" of the final product) done with this superb piece of software. As an example of a brilliant scientific paper, I must link this paper — the amount of attention to detail and hard work that went into this article is astonishing (and further demonstrated the power of tqft package). Of course I accept literary works typeset with LaTeX with open arms as well. Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

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