I have to do many math exercises for young children. A drawing helps them a lot. But I can not paste images because it consumes a lot of memory of the program that I use so I have to put the pictures in code. Do you know any program that can help me draw?

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    Also related: texample.net/tikz/resources (section Tools for working with TikZ code and Tools that generate PGF/TikZ code) – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Feb 4 '18 at 18:27
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    Sometimes I'm wondering if there is an application with button GetTikZCodeFromTeX.SE, which just posts the picture here and asks "how can I draw this with TikZ?" ;-) – user121799 Feb 4 '18 at 18:37
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    If you use something like Inkscape, at least, it will just give you TikZ code. It won't be pretty, but it won't rely on a lot of extra stuff. (Obviously, things like xcolor, because it requires that, but if you can use TikZ, you already are loading xcolor, graphicx etc.) In addition, you can download clip art from openclipart.org in SVG format, load it into Inkscape and export TikZ code. Just do your editing in Inkscape as the code is generally unreadable. – cfr Feb 4 '18 at 19:10
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    You can also find some stuff on the TikZ example site and, of course, here. Much won't be suitable, but quite a lot of cute animals are available: fish, donkeys, pigs, turtles/tortoises, cats, turkeys and, of course, ducks. There are also trams/buses, cars, people, witches, pumkins, presents, trees etc. – cfr Feb 4 '18 at 19:13

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