When I run

rm -rf /tmp/foo; mkdir /tmp/foo; cd /tmp/foo
wget http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/hyperref.zip
unzip hyperref; cd hyperref
latex hyperref.ins

I get

--2018-02-06 16:26:40--  http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/hyperref.zip
Resolving mirrors.ctan.org (mirrors.ctan.org)..., 2a01:488:67:1000:b01c:36b8:0:1
Connecting to mirrors.ctan.org (mirrors.ctan.org)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: http://ctan.math.washington.edu/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/hyperref.zip [following]
--2018-02-06 16:26:41--  http://ctan.math.washington.edu/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/hyperref.zip
Resolving ctan.math.washington.edu (ctan.math.washington.edu)...
Connecting to ctan.math.washington.edu (ctan.math.washington.edu)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 4385385 (4.2M) [application/zip]
Saving to: ‘hyperref.zip’


2018-02-06 16:26:41 (7.88 MB/s) - ‘hyperref.zip’ saved [4385385/4385385]

Archive:  hyperref.zip
   creating: hyperref/
  inflating: hyperref/nameref.pdf    
  inflating: hyperref/ntheorem-hyper.sty  
  inflating: hyperref/xr-hyper.sty   
  inflating: hyperref/README.pdf     
  inflating: hyperref/backref.dtx    
  inflating: hyperref/hyperref.pdf   
  inflating: hyperref/manifest.txt   
  inflating: hyperref/psdmapshortnames.pl  
  inflating: hyperref/nameref.dtx    
  inflating: hyperref/ChangeLog      
  inflating: hyperref/ChangeLog.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/hylatex.ltx    
  inflating: hyperref/bmhydoc.sty    
  inflating: hyperref/README         
   creating: hyperref/doc/
  inflating: hyperref/doc/spell.dict  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/cmsy10-21.gif  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/options-ctan.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/paper.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual2.html  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual.html  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual-pdftex.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual.css  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/options.pdf  
 extracting: hyperref/doc/cmmi10-22.gif  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/ab.pdf     
  inflating: hyperref/doc/manual3.html  
  inflating: hyperref/doc/slides.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/backref.pdf    
  inflating: hyperref/minitoc-hyper.sty  
  inflating: hyperref/hyperref.dtx   
   creating: hyperref/test/
  inflating: hyperref/test/files.xml  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test6.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/picture.png  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test2.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testurl.bib  
  inflating: hyperref/test/hog.eps   
  inflating: hyperref/test/hog.pdf   
  inflating: hyperref/test/testnb.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/phys2.jpg  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testinfo.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/picture.pdf  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbmgl.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testams.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testfor2.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test3.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test1.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbib.bbl  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbmu.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test8.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test4.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test0.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbookmark.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testslide.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test-bm-pu-licr.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbib.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/picture.eps  
  inflating: hyperref/test/bit.tex   
  inflating: hyperref/test/testurl.bbl  
  inflating: hyperref/test/test7.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/phys1.jpg  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testurl.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testoz.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testbib.bib  
  inflating: hyperref/test/testform.tex  
  inflating: hyperref/test/Makefile  
  inflating: hyperref/hyperref.ins   
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.16 (TeX Live 2015/Debian) (preloaded format=latex)
 restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2016/02/01>
Babel <3.9q> and hyphenation patterns for 3 language(s) loaded.
Utility: `docstrip' 2.5e <2014/09/29>
English documentation    <2014/09/29>

* This program converts documented macro-files into fast *
* loadable files by stripping off (nearly) all comments! *

* No Configuration file found, using default settings. *


Generating file(s) ./hyperref.drv ./hycheck.tex ./backref.drv ./nameref.drv ./b
ackref.sty ./nameref.sty ./hyperref.sty ./hypertex.def ./pdfmark.def ./hvtexmrk
.def ./htexture.def ./hdvipson.def ./hdvips.def ./hpdftex.def ./hluatex.def ./h
dviwind.def ./htex4ht.def ./htex4ht.cfg ./hvtex.def ./hvtexhtm.def ./hdvipdfm.d
ef ./hxetex.def ./pd1enc.def ./puenc.def ./puvnenc.def ./puarenc.def ./psdextra
.def ./nohyperref.sty 

Processing file hyperref.dtx (driver) -> hyperref.drv
                             (check) -> hycheck.tex
                             (package) -> hyperref.sty
                             (hypertex) -> hypertex.def
                             (pdfmark,pdfmarkbase,pdfform,outlines) -> pdfmark.
.def ./htexture.def ./hdvipson.def ./hdvips.def ./hpdftex.def ./hluatex.def ./h
dviwind.def ./htex4ht.def ./htex4ht.cfg ./hvtex.def ./hvtexhtm.def ./hdvipdfm.d
ef ./hxetex.def ./pd1enc.def ./puenc.def ./puvnenc.def ./puarenc.def ./psdextra
.def ./nohyperref.sty 

Processing file hyperref.dtx (driver) -> hyperref.drv
                             (check) -> hycheck.tex
                             (package) -> hyperref.sty
                             (hypertex) -> hypertex.def
                             (pdfmark,pdfmarkbase,pdfform,outlines) -> pdfmark.
                             (vtexpdfmark) -> hvtexmrk.def
                             (textures) -> htexture.def
                             (dvipsone) -> hdvipson.def
                             (dvips) -> hdvips.def
                             (pdftex,pdfform,outlines) -> hpdftex.def
                             (luatex) -> hluatex.def
                             (dviwindo,pdfmarkbase) -> hdviwind.def
                             (tex4ht) -> htex4ht.def
                             (tex4htcfg) -> htex4ht.cfg
                             (vtex,outlines) -> hvtex.def
                             (vtexhtml) -> hvtexhtm.def
File hyperref.dtx ended by \endinput.
Lines  processed: 27661
Comments removed: 8341
Comments  passed: 24
Codelines passed: 19072

Processing file backref.dtx (driver) -> backref.drv
                            (package) -> backref.sty
File backref.dtx ended by \endinput.
Lines  processed: 946
Comments removed: 460
Comments  passed: 23
Codelines passed: 454

Processing file nameref.dtx (driver) -> nameref.drv
                            (package) -> nameref.sty
File nameref.dtx ended by \endinput.
Lines  processed: 902
Comments removed: 346
Comments  passed: 24
Codelines passed: 523

! Cannot find file hluatex.dtx.
\readsource ...ot find file \uptospace #1 \qStop }
                                                  \else \processedLines \z@ ...
l.88 }
! Emergency stop.
\readsource ...ot find file \uptospace #1 \qStop }
                                                  \else \processedLines \z@ ...
l.88 }
No pages of output.
Transcript written on hyperref.log.

Where am I supposed to get hluatex.dtx from?

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    It's a reasonable question. The OP wants to know why a certain procedure, which ought to work, does not. He is not asking how to install hyperref.
    – user139954
    Feb 6 '18 at 21:51

This was a bug in the package upload to ctan (fixed with an update on 2018-02-07). hluatex.dtx was not included. The file may be obtained from


In practice that has not affected any users as the generated file hluatex.def is in the hyperref.tds.zip which has everything "unpacked", that file can also be obtained from ctan and is used as the basis for hyperref in tex distributions.

A user should never need to get hyperref from ctan, it should be installed as part of the tex distribution (so tlmgr for texlive, the linux distribution package manager for texlive variants distributed from linux repositories, or using the miktex package system. However it is a clear bug in the ctan package upload so thanks for the report.

  • 1
    A wise answer. As I simultaneously noted in comment above, the OP wants to know why something that ought to work, does not work. He's not new here, and presumably knows how to install a package.
    – user139954
    Feb 6 '18 at 21:53

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