There are square hooks (e.g. \lsqhook), but that's not quite what I want. I'd like a version of \hookleftarrow without the arrow. Is it possible to modify the \hookleftarrow, or \hookrightarrow symbols to get what I want?


The definition of \hookleftarrow is


and \longleftarrow is \leftarrow\joinrel\relbar. Ehi! We can use \relbar!

\usepackage{amsmath}% generally recommended



$A\hookleftline B$

$A\hookrightline B$


enter image description here

The \DOTSB command is for amsmath.

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  • Ah! I can look at the documentation of amsmath to see how a symbol is defined, and then tweak that! – user89 Feb 7 '18 at 15:31
  • @user89 That's always the starting point – egreg Feb 7 '18 at 15:36

One possibility is to "build your own".

$\hookleftarrow$~\Hook~$A\Hook B$ 

$\hookleftarrow$~\PicHook~$A\PicHook B$ 


enter image description here

This is a "minimal" version in the sense that it does not require extra fonts, but it certainly not the most beautiful symbol on this planet.

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