I wanted to define one symbol using the dutchcal font, but using the dutchcal package ruins the command \mathcal.

One workaround was to define another command \matholdcal by


and replace \mathcal by \matholdcal all over the document. It works well although I don't understand the syntax of \DeclareMathAlphabet.

But it is a pain to use \matholdcal all the time, and creates a mess if I want to copy-paste parts of other documents.

I would like to do the opposite, leave the command \mathcal as it is, and create a new command just for the dutchcal font.

However I don't know how to look for fonts in my LaTeX tree, nor what to put in place of the OMS and cmsy above.

Thanks for the help!


I finally found a solution!

Looking into dutchcal.sty I found which lines to use instead of calling the package:


Hope others find it useful.

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